Nothing Bundt Cakes

This retail bakery chain needed constant signage updates to introduce the changing monthly flavors. That meant coming up with interesting ways to tease these flavors on social media, before they were revealed.

As well as coming up with innovative ways to showcase the cakes and additional decorations for purchase.

How do you communicate the decadence of this cake flavor? Rich dark wood, just the right amount of crumbled peanuts and a light blue napkin to draw the eye.

We could not control the look of the cake decorations. My strategy for these posters was to keep the surrounding environment as clean and sophisticated as possible.

We had to show all twelve little cakes and cake toppers. How do you represent the seasons without adding any more clutter?

Painted pumpkins for days.

I would use the color schemes and props to bring the decorations into a modern and interesting place.

There are 12 tiny ugly Christmas Tree sweaters cake toppers in this photo. That, dear reader, is a challenge.